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Frequently asked questions

Headbands NEVER stay put, are you sure these will work?

YES! We have been perfecting the location of our clips for years. The reason why our headbands work is because we make it fit you, not the other way around, it's a more custom fit.

How do I use the clips?

First, if you ever forget how to use our clips, scan the code inside of your headbands and it will take you to our video. HOW TO USE OUR CLIPS: 1. KEEPING THE CLIPS CLOSED, FIND THE MOST COMFORTABLE POSITION FOR YOU. 2. "BEND" THE CLIP TO OPEN, SLIP INTO PLACE LIKE A COMB! 3. "SNAP" THE CLIP CLOSED FOR ALL DAY, NO FUSS WEAR!

How do I care for my HartWear Headband?

1. Make sure to wash your headbands in COLD water only! 2. Wash on the GENTLE/LOW cycle. 3. No Bleach! 4. AIR DRY ONLY! 5. Use our HartWear Hanger to store your headbands when not in use.

What's the difference between the Traditional Taper and the Faux Knot headband?

While both headbands are tapered in the back to prevent hair bulk, the traditional taper lays flat on the head and the faux knot contains the twist illusion of having a knot.

Who makes these headbands?

Our headbands are made in house by hand! Each clip is fastened into the correct place to reduce tension and pain and we sew the bands shut on our serger machine. You will see Regina or Nicky running the shop.

I have a problem, who do I contact?

Whether a shipping/return question or a problem with an order, you can email us at:

I LOVE MY HEADBANDS!! How do I become a brand rep for HartWear Headbands?

We are always looking for friendly and energetic individuals who are active in their communities to rep the HartWear Brand! You MUST be active on FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM, over the age of 18, and a resident of the USA. APPLY HERE!